your new job is a episode from the animated series Fivenightsatfreddys(the animted series) it starts of with the main charecter sota who is awoken by his wife to go get the mail appon getting the mail he see"s hes been hired to work at freddyfazbearspizza he drives to work and walks in to meet the boss aka mr vincent he gets the job from mr vincent and his son kenta he works in a suit and was warned by mike that the robots do move around at night then it goes to sota going home to his wife and son having dinner he then later arrives at work and later finds out that him and mike are both secuirty guards at night shift he falls asleep and has a dream that foxy runs down the hall and kills them and is awoken by mike who says that all them are all on stage and that none of them moved he and that it was time to leave the next day he asks mr vincent can he get his money whrere mr vincent replys you have to work five nights for your money the episodes with him going home to change